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Two for the Road!


That’s the “catchphrase” I was hoping would stick when people think about me, my husband (Wow! I’m a wife now!), and our wedding last October 25. We didn’t have one overall theme for our wedding but if you can imagine a tag cloud, it would have these words: rustic, garden, outdoor, fun, whimsical, coral, teal, nature, travel, shabby chic, mason jars, instax, polaroids, strings of lights, etc.

It’s been exactly one month since we said our I Dos but it’s honestly still kind of hard to believe that from looking at “October 25, 2014” as the day we’re anticipating for so long with much glee (and a little bit of trepidation), we now look at it as the day which we will be counting the years of being together from. I expect everything will just whiz by now, as most married couples would say. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let me go back to some of the details of our wedding to commemorate our first month together. Our wedding day is one that will forever be etched in our hearts and minds until our hair turns gray. I absolutely loved every minute of it. <3


If there’s one thing we saved money on during the preparation it is the wedding invites. I was the one who did the layout, and printing was free c/o the photo and video company who also offered us a lot of other freebies like the reception emcee, hair and make-up, photo booth, photo gallery, etc. It was a real steal. I highly recommend ISnap Creatives for all your wedding needs!


This custom fan almost didn’t push through because I was still having some issues with the printing company up until a couple of days before the wedding. I was already willing to let this one go but I’m glad we were still able to include it. I’d like to believe it added a nice touch to the overall look of the wedding. The text written on it is supposed to be punny but I’m kind of worried some guests didn’t get it and thought it arrogant of us. Haha! I hope I’m wrong.


Weeks before the wedding when we  finalized that this water bottle will be our souvenir, I had doubts that it was just too plain although I was also the one who designed it. But looking at the outcome I’m glad it was because its simplicity made it really dainty and classy to look at. Thank you, Maemae!


Pardon me but I am just awfully proud and happy about the look of our outdoor wedding. Hillcreek Gardens Tagaytay really is the best location that suits our taste, I will choose this venue over and over again if we have to go back in time. Add to that the styling prowess of Passion Cooks Catering and we got ourselves a simple yet lovely garden wedding ceremony setup. I looove Passion Cooks!


My shoes patterned after my wedding gown was designed and made by my former colleague and friend. She was also the one who made the matching sandals of my bridesmaids. Check out the Shoepatos FB Page here!


The bridal bouquet turned out nicer than I expected. I just randomly found the florist in one of the bridal fairs we went to, they weren’t referred to me by anybody, so I wasn’t sure they had what it takes to deliver. But yay, in all fairness, I really loved my bouquet. Props to Gemma’s Flower Shop!


The people from ISnap Creatives knew that we wanted our prenup and wedding to be “light and fun” as opposed to “too serious and cheesy” so they suggested that the groomsmen and bridesmaids switch places in the pictorial to add humor to the shots. The thought made me laugh so I said yes immediately to the concept. My groomsmen look very handsome, don’t they?


What a funny sight to see the groom being escorted by these lovely ladies. But looking at their pictures honestly makes me feel jealous! It’s because I don’t have a single picture with all my bridesmaids together during the wedding. Sorry, I still haven’t moved on from this disappointment. :( The infinity dresses made by my cousin, the coral and teal shoes by my friend, and the flower headdresses by a friend’s friend all turned out really well, though.


Our wedding cake by Kink Cakes was actually bigger than we expected considering it was only the bottom layer that’s edible. It was so tall and wide that there was actually a funny incident that happened when this was transported to Tagaytay. Thank God for family members who came to our rescue! :)  I wanted to keep the cake toppers as tokens but apparently you can’t preserve fondant toppers unless you keep them in an air-conditioned room. Forever.


These adorable bearers and flower girls were definitely the icing on the cake! I can’t get over how cute they all are. My only regret is I wasn’t able to play with all of them during the wedding. I want to squeeze and smother each one of them with hugs and kisses! :)




table setting

Passion Cooks Catering also didn’t disappoint in the area of reception styling and food. I love how they tastefully set up the tables, the strings of lights and the backdrop, and I heard the food was superb too. No, we weren’t able to eat that much because of too much excitement. Totoo palang hindi ka makakakain! Hindi exag! Lol. The high peak tents were rented from Tent King and lights & sounds were provided by JS Mina. These two suppliers I also highly recommend.


We came across the supplier of these customized chocolate bars when we were at SM Mall of Asia a few days before the wedding. We only ordered a few so this is really a justifiable last-minute addition. :P  The folks at Unit16sweets are super nice and warm. Check them out here.


There were of course a lot more details that were memorable to us but I’ll have to stop here, else I never will! Here’s our wedding SDE video to watch instead.

One month down, forever to go! Happy one month to us!

(Some pictures here were taken by Travels With a Hobo. Thanks, Gem!)

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