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A lot has happened since my last blog post in April, but one major thing that I must write down is the news that I. Am. Pregnant! I told myself that I should blog about this at least once before this very important event in my life comes to pass, for my own future consumption. So here I am!

Getting pregnant 6 months into marriage wasn’t part of our original plan. We wanted to heed other people’s advice and wait a year before trying. But somehow, during our second honeymoon in El Nido earlier this year, we just decided to go for it and let God draw up the “baby timeline” for us. And to be completely honest, I kinda just wanted to see if we’ll be having trouble conceiving or not (which I know isn’t the best reason to try to get pregnant haha). To our surprise, we didn’t have to wait that long. Our little blessing came earlier than expected!

It was in the morning of May 2nd when I tested positive. I had to take 3 tests just to be sure. (Sorry, newbie here.) I shook my sleeping husband and told him I have something cool to show him. He groggily got out of bed and had absolutely no idea what I was about to show him. And then we screamed! And hugged! We’re having a baby!

But, as most couples, we didn’t share the news that I was pregnant until we were absolutely sure. So we kept mum and waited until we visited the doctor and reached the 2-month mark. And ideally, I know we shouldn’t be announcing until we’re past the first trimester because anything can happen during this very crucial stage, but we were just too excited that we can’t hold it in any longer. Besides, if anything were to happen, then it will happen. I really just want to fight off the negative thoughts. What’s more important is that we embrace this very special gift given to us with open arms and hearts, and do our best every step of the way.

I guess I’m fortunate that I’m not the type who has morning (or evening) sickness or gets very sensitive and picky with everything during the first trimester. I can pretty much say that it was a breeze for me, except for one thing. I was just so darn exhausted every time! I practically just slept my weekends off during the first trimester. And the heart palpitations weren’t so great either.

Then second trimester came and it was like nothing ever happened. I’m back to my old self and can function more again. It’s true what they say that the second trimester is the best pregnancy stage. It’s when I regained my energy and started feeling the movements of the baby for the first time. I feel that I’m gonna miss this stage terribly when I’m over it. All the books (also apps and websites) say that fatigue will resume on the third trimester so I’m kind of dreading that. But it’s the last hurdle until I see my little one so, bring it on!

Our congenital anomaly scan was last August 22nd. It was the longest four weeks ever from our last prenatal checkup when our OB-Gyne scheduled an appointment and said we’ll finally find out if we’re having a boy or a girl. And I gotta say, it was a very momentous day for Deej and me. We kept laughing and smiling and imagining what our baby would be like. Knowing the sex made us feel even closer to this baby growing inside me. <3

Deej wanted a boy from the start, while I didn’t really have a preference. It didn’t feel right to me to favor one over the other (motherly instincts kicking in early!) so I’d alternately imagine a baby boy and a baby girl. But when we found out it was a boy, I felt a slight tinge of sadness that I had to say goodbye to my baby girl thoughts, which will be the complete opposite had it been a girl. Oh these weird emotions brought about by pregnancy hormones! But I’ve adjusted now to the fact that we’re having a little boy and it’s just a wonderful feeling. We can’t wait to see him and hold him!

Tomorrow marks my 23rd week and the 6th month into this pregnancy. When asked if I’m ready to be a mom, I say no because, to be honest, I don’t know yet what exactly we’re going to do when the baby comes. So I think 10 months is just the perfect time period to prep the parents of what’s to come, to save up, to prepare the “nest”, to shop for baby stuff, and to look for a nanny! Finding help may be the most challenging task of them all. Haha!

All the changes and sacrifices that come with this pregnancy, I know it’s going to be worth it. Game face on.

Heavenly Father, thank you for this little baby growing inside me. Thank you for this wonderful, wonderful blessing. I am so overwhelmed with love and joy! Thank you also for my husband who is my support. I pray that you will keep our baby boy safe and healthy throughout this pregnancy, and even beyond. I lift up to you our little family. Bless us with your presence in our lives everyday. We bring back all the praises to you. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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