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My Baby Shower in Bacolod

This weekend was extra special because I spent it in Bacolod with friends who insisted I come home so they can throw me a baby shower. It started when two of my close friends bumped into each other at the mall two weeks ago. They then messaged me and got me to confirm I’ll be coming home this weekend so they can organize a baby shower for me. I laughed at the silly thought at first, but they were serious, it turns out. So I thought, why the heck not? I packed my overnight bag, with mama in tow, and off we went on a 2-day/1-night trip to my hometown.

My baby shower was held at Masskara Chicken Inasal at 8:30pm on October 3, Saturday. It was an animal-themed party attended by some of my family, friends from church, and high school classmates, spearheaded by my bff (Ann) and close high school friend (Melissa). It wasn’t only a night of showering me with gifts for the baby boy, but also a night of catching up! Especially with my high school classmates whom I haven’t seen in years.




I like the theme chosen by my best friend — animals! :) I kept some stuff so I can add them as elements to the baby’s room when I start decorating, which should be very soon. The balloon animals and dessert table were great additional touches. The giveaways were diapers with chocolate poo inside, a clever idea! :) Ann was in charge of the program, the details, and decorating the place, and what an awesome job she did!


The food and guest list, on the other hand, were courtesy of Melissa. It was a great collaboration between the two, I’m just so deeply touched by their generosity. I’m blessed to have great and thoughtful friends! <3





I look sooo pregnant and fat in the midst of everyone. Haha! But it’s alright, I know my heart is bigger and fatter knowing my baby boy and I are well-loved. Too bad daddy Deej missed all the fun! But he’ll surely be happy to know we won’t need to spend on some baby stuff now. :)

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