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Deej and I celebrated our first year anniversary last October 25, 2015. Yes, it’s already been a year! :) We didn’t have a special trip planned, which is very unlikely of us, because I was 29 weeks pregnant at that time (and would really just rather stay at home) but we both agreed we shouldn’t spend our day very mundanely just like any other day, so we booked a nice but affordable hotel and spent the weekend in Tagaytay where we got married a year ago.

So what did we do in Tagaytay? We really just slept and ate and slept again! I think my husband is enjoying this pregnancy phase because, with me in mind, he can eat whatever he wants as much as he wants, and sleep whenever he wants as long as he wants. Some days I think he’s actually the pregnant one, haha! But it’s really just his way of supporting me as I deal with all the symptoms and changes that come with this pregnancy.

Speaking of which, I wanted to write about how I appreciate the role of the husband in the course of a pregnancy. I can’t speak for all women, but I honestly can’t imagine how I’ll get through all of these without my husband because I’m so dependent on him for so many things, especially now that I’m in my last trimester. Deej gets up earlier than I do in the morning to fix my breakfast and my healthy morning smoothie. He drives me to work and picks me up after. He brings me to my prenatal checkups and takes note of what our OBGyne says. He cleans up after my mess. He pulls me out of bed because it’s hard for me to get up on my own these days. He stretches my foot and leg whenever I’m having one of those painful muscle cramps. He massages my aching back and numbing fingers and palms. As much as I want to prettify the baby’s room myself, he has to do it all, and what a great job he has done! It’s also hard for me to fall asleep at night when he’s not in bed with me yet because I cling to him to be able to drift off to sleep, the same way I have to put my arm around his whenever we take a walk. He is my support… literally and figuratively. Or, yes, I’m really just a clingy pregnant wife!

I agree with other moms when they say that during pregnancy (again, specifically in the last trimester) you’ll feel that you’re at your ugliest state. I cannot stress this enough. Edema and dark pigmentation are getting worse everyday that I hate my big nose and big clown feet so much. I feel sooo fat. My rings don’t fit me anymore! And worst of all, I see some tiny warts sprouting up from different parts of my body that I just want to cry and wish I can run to the spa! But I’m glad my husband reassures me that I’m still beautiful in his eyes and he doesn’t see anything different (haha! yeah right!). I know he just needs to say this to me even though they’re not true but I believe that’s why a husband plays a vital role in the whole pregnancy journey. It’s not just to support the wives physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

That being said, I admire all the moms out there who have to go through their pregnancies without the dads – whether they are single moms or their partners have to be away for a reason – I salute you!

To my dear husband: Happy anniversary, love! Thank you for being an awesome husband and daddy-to-be. Six more weeks and our little one will be here. It’s gonna be another roller coaster ride as we take on the role of new parents but with you by my side, and with God’s guidance, I know we can do it well. I love you and I’m looking forward to celebrate more anniversaries with you. <3


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