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Seeing Blue Everywhere




Deej is finally done working on the baby’s room, it took him maybe a month. If I haven’t been stopping him to buy stuff that I find expensive, he would have completed this project earlier. I’m obviously the “economical” (the fancy word for cheap) one between the two of us. Haha.

I like how it turned out, it’s not too much and not too ordinary either. Deej really has a knack for decorating our house – thanks to his Houzz app! LOL. The baby won’t exactly be sleeping in this room, though. He’ll be close and cozy with mommy. :)

Since we’re having a boy, naturally, most of the baby’s stuff are blue, especially all the stuff given to me at the showers my friends threw for me. But if it were up to me, I’d rather have the baby’s stuff in white – which I think looks cleaner and nicer. And if we’re going to have a girl for our next baby, the blue hand-me-downs won’t look awkward on her. Not that I’m sure the next baby’s going to be a girl, or if we’re going to have one more, haha! I don’t know if I’m willing to go through another pregnancy after this.

Speaking of baby showers, I truly appreciate having friends who went off their way to throw a baby shower for me. I blogged about the first one last October, which was by my high school and church friends in Bacolod.



The second one was by my small group. Just like when these lovely ladies threw me a bridal shower, they didn’t actually shower me with gifts but with words of wisdom and prayers – which is what every mom-to-be needs. I thank God for these godly women who inspire me with their lives. This was at the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery in BGC.



The CEB Marketing team also threw me an adorable, all-DIY, baby shower at our office. What’s different with this one is they asked me beforehand to come up with a list of items that I still don’t have at my disposal. So I gave them the most essential (but inexpensive) ones and I was surprised that they actually got me almost all items on the list! I couldn’t thank them enough for helping me (they know I won’t be getting my salary for 3 months haha). I don’t share a lot about my workplace or the people I work with but I have to say that I’m very happy and proud to be part of this team of creative people. Special thanks to my good friend Apple! :)


Last but not the least is the shower by my favorite kumares. This one’s pretty hilarious because I had no idea that they have a surprise for me until one of the husbands accidentally told me about it while we were walking toward the meeting place. Haha! My “marses” got me the last items on my list, it’s like they could read my mind. It was also another night of catching up and nonstop laughter, just like any other time this group is together. This was at Mei’s condo at SM Light Residences.

I was advised at the start of this pregnancy not to spend a lot for the baby because there will be people who will surely lend or give me stuff that I’d need. True enough, I keep receiving gifts not just those from my baby showers but also from family, colleagues and in-laws. I guess people do get extra generous and helpful to expectant moms because they know it can be – it will be – overwhelming, especially to a first-timer. :)

I doubt they’ll be able to read this, but just the same, I wanna say THANK YOU lovely people for all the blues! The baby boy is happy. :)

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